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so what's new? try a lot! [24 Sep 2004|03:01pm]
[ mood | plotting ]

Slugger: The vet is evil. She said we're too big. So we're about 20 pounds. Since when is that big? And she called us fat! *pout* Mean ol' vet. So now we're on this weight management cat food.

Cheezie: Wouldn't know it though. It tastes really good.

Slugger: Yeah it does. Think it was a lie?

Cheezie: *mouthful* Doubt it.

Slugger: We got a new kitty in the house too. A girl. *makes a face* She thinks she's in charge.

Cheezie: *swallows* Ha! Like I'm giving up my throne? Not likely!

Slugger: Your throne? Since when?

Cheezie: Since for always. Just wait though. She'll learn. That little Peaches takes all the toys and demands all the attention. It just isn't fair! I say we throw her outside when the humans aren't looking and leave her there.

Slugger: But what if they figure out we did it? We'd be in an awful lot of trouble.

Cheezie: Yeah ... and we don't really want to be in trouble.

Slugger: No. Than our 'human' would be unhappy with us and we don't want that. We like her!

Cheezie: *agrees* So maybe we should just tell this new kid how things work. Get her to understand who's in charge.

Slugger: Yeah! Let's do it! *looks all tough and serious, until a pony catches his eye and he collapses into a puddle of goo while mushing on the pony*

Cheezie: I can see this all comes down to me. *sighs* Brothers and ponies. Honestly.

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mmm ... catnip! [01 Feb 2004|09:19pm]
[ mood | content ]

*licks paw, washes off face*

The human gave us catnip! So much catnip. Tasty stuff that catnip is.

I rolled in it. *huge grin* Got really covered. The human said I looked 'silly' and that I was sure 'speckled'. *nods* Which I was! I had catnip all over me. Till the human brushed it off. *pouts* Doesn't she know, I was saving it for later?

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brothers suck! [30 Jan 2004|01:10pm]
[ mood | not happy ]

Cheezie keeps hogging the human. And now, now he's taking all my toys! *huffs* It's bad enough not getting the human but to take my ponies ... that's the last straw.

I think I want my own journal. That way I don't have to let the annoying sibling of mine see what I write about him. *blows raspberries at Cheezie* You're a poophead.

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*kitty grins* [05 Jan 2004|09:04pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Slugger: We got many kitty treats for Christmas.

Cheezie: And catnip! Yum!

Slugger: Best of all though a new pony! *is muchly happy* It's G3 Applejack. She's so pretty.

Cheezie: Smells good too.

Slugger: *hides nose in the pony hair and takes a deep breath* Yeah, she does.

Cheezie: We even played with our human's toys!

Slugger: She didn't mind at all.

Cheezie: Nope! She even took a couple of pictures. It made her giggle. Which is always a good thing you know. If she's giggly we can talk her into giving us more treats.

Slugger: We can do that anyway.

Cheezie: True.

Slugger: *giggles* First is a picture of Cheezie inside the castle.

Cheezie in the Castle.

Cheezie: Yeah well at least I didn't sneek up behind a baby pony and attempt to take off with it!

Slugger: I did not! I was just sniffing her hair.

Cheezie: Yeah, right.

Slugger checking out Mint Blossom's hair.

Slugger: You've gotta admit though, I am cute. *flops and rolls over*

Cheezie: No I don't. That's the human's job.

Slugger: *sits up* Oh yeah. *wanders off*

Cheezie: *calls after him* Where are you going?

Slugger: *not bothering to turn around or look back* To flop in front of the human and get my tummy rubbed.

Cheezie: Wait for me!

Slugger: Not a chance. *runs*

Cheezie: *quickly finishes up* Uh bye! *posts and runs*
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mmm, smells like fun ... [11 Dec 2003|06:41pm]
[ mood | delighted, quite so ]

Cheezie: The humans got a Christmas tree today.

Slugger: I remember last time we had one.

Cheezie: So do I. They weren't too thrilled about how we redecorated the floor with those things they put on the tree.

Slugger: Yeah. *wide smile* But catnip were they fun to bat around!

Cheezie: Yeah!

Slugger: I wonder if we could get away with it again.

Cheezie: I don't know. We might be pushing our luck.

Slugger: Maybe. But what else have we got to do this week?

Cheezie: *checks their schedule* Eat, sleep, nap, run around, drink water, nap, sleep, terrorize the other pets, sleep some more, drink more water, run down stairs and use the litter box, nap, eat, nap, play, sleep, drink water, go to bed.

Slugger: Boy we're kinda packed for the rest of this week, aren't we.

Cheezie: *nods* But if cut out using the litter box, or playing than I think we could squeeze in some time with the tree.

Slugger: Cut out playtime? That's kind of harsh don't you think.

Cheezie: True.

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turkey day! [27 Nov 2003|12:14am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

*close to drooling*

It is now turkey day!

Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey.

Mmm. I love turkey!

Wonder how much they'll let me eat. Maybe they'll let me eat the whole turkey! That would be so cool. If they let me eat the turkey, what will they eat? *ponders for a moment* Who cares, I get turkey!

Suppose I should share with my brother. Hmm. Naw. *grin*

Turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey, turkey.

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new bed ... [18 Nov 2003|04:28pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Got a super spiffy new bed. It's lined with fleece and its toasty warm.

*works paws back and forth in the bed* I love it!

Now if you'll excuse me its naptime.

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*kitty grins* [19 Oct 2003|02:00pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Cheezie: Welcome to our journal! Guess we should tell you a little about ourselves.

Slugger: *huge kitty grin* I love ponies!

Cheezie: I'm Cheezer, though everyone calls me Cheezie. *licks a black paw* I've got a brother and sister who actually live here with me. You'll meet my brother in a minute. Doubt you'll see my sister around here. Sassy has more important things to do than keep a journal. Or so she claims.

Slugger: *points* That's my brother! *grins at Cheezie*

Cheezie: I share this house with four other cats and two dogs.

Slugger: My turn! Call me Slugger, everyone does. I'm a Tuxedo cat. Which makes me a gentleman.

Cheezer: Ha!

Slugger: I love playing with my ponies. And those fishing poll toys with mice attached to them, those rock!

Cheezie: Guess that's everything.

Slugger: Guess so.

Cheezie: See ya later than.

Slugger: Bring mice filled catnip toys!

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